About Us

Ben and Emily Williams live on a rural property situated on the Grand Ridge Road in Mirboo North.  They are the proud owners and operators of Strzelecki Constructions, a professional building business. Ben grew up on the other side of the Strzelecki Ranges in Callignee, he spent most of his early career working in and around the Latrobe Valley area. He has worked all the way from Paynesville to the Peninsula and has also had a few projects in the heart of Melbourne. From the grandest to the greenest, modern beachside mansions to sustainable rural retreats, they have covered it all. Having 20 years experience in the building trade, has earned Ben a reputation for impeccable quality and an eye for detail.


Their meticulous approach and overall commitment to the functionality and aesthetic qualities of a great home make Strzelecki Constructions the perfect choice if you want local professionals to take care and pride in realising your dream.


Having met in Traralgon over fifteen years ago where they were both living and working, Ben and Emily have now been married for 10 years. They have decided to ground themselves in Emily’s home town of Mirboo North to raise their young family of four children. Having spent her childhood and adolescent years growing up on the land around Boolarra, Boolarra South and Mirboo North, Emily has a great understanding of why people are so attracted to the peaceful rural lifestyle that Mirboo North and surrounding districts have to offer.


As a family business that is committed to the future of our town and surrounding districts Strzelecki Constructions reputation and longevity in the building industry only keeps growing day by day. They can offer a personal and professional experience that only comes from years of knowledge and an understanding of local people and ideals. Strzelecki Constructions offers the unique quality of having the builder who quotes your home as the builder who builds your home. From start to finish Ben will keep you informed and involved every step of the way, to ensure that your visions are realised to the highest standard.


For all of your new home, renovation or extension needs, please contact Strzelecki Constructions via email, phone or drop into our office located on the Grand Ridge Road 6km east of Mirboo North.  We look forward to helping you turn your vision into a reality!